quarta-feira, 11 de abril de 2012

Afraid of the dark

Chris and Mark


Bad bunny

Easter gifts

Visiting a chocolate factory in the Easter


Prostitute 1 - Hello! My name is Mark and I am poor Brazilian and I live in a slum. My English is not very good, but I will try my best for you to understand. During the day, I'm a quiet guy, but at night I become something else. I left home when I was fourteen, going on fifteen years old, I shined shoes, I begged on the streets, but money was very hard to come by. When I was sixteen, I worked at a local bodega, cleaning the store and running errands for the owner, who kept telling me how pretty I was, ...for a boy. He liked to stroke my hair and pat my tight, little behind. Other men customers would ask for me to bring their grocery orders to their homes, and it didn't take long to find out what I had to do to make them happy and, earn extra money. So, by the time I was 18, I still looked like a kid and very young for my age and so I began working as a male prostitute. My street name is Jessica, but most call me Jessie.

Prostitute 2 - There are many dangerous risks in my profession. In my neighborhood there are all sorts of people: from businessmen to bums, old men, young hustlers, some innocent some violent but mostly poor, street boys, like myself, just trying to survive. Still, I always appreciate and demand respect from those around me. I may be small framed and look like a pretty girl, but I know how to fight like a man and use a knife if I have to..

Prostitute 3 - I wear a colorful wig and very tight clothes, much like la putana, or as you would say, a whore, the men here like that. They especially like that my short pants are always very tight and show off everything I have to offer! Hey man, advertising is the soul of my business! The only time rich men come into my neighborhood is when they are horny and seeking services from boys like me. I always ask in advance what the guy wants. Each service has its price..

Prostitute 4 - I usually do not kiss on the job, but if the guy is neat and well-paying, well I don't mind giving a little extra. Is that so evil?

Prostitute 5 - The handsome American here wants full service. I always start with a good blow job ...

Prostitute 6 - I am very talented and they usually end up fast...you know, ...cum, which is good because I have other customers to meet who sometimes want more, ...a lot more!

Prostitute 7 - No matter how macho the man I am with is, what he wants most is to be penetrated. As I am well endowed, I make them very happy!Now you know who I am. Want to come down to my neighborhood and play with me? Ask for Jessie!

Sucking in the bed

The fragility of life

Sunflowers 1

Sunflowers 2


Death to the King !


Mestizo in danger

Boy with cat in the field







Puppies in the garden

My Puppy